Swimming & the relationship to water

With an increase in the number of practitioners and the development of new activities such as open water swimming, we are witnessing a revival of swimming.  As an activity, it has many faces: gentle or demanding; therapeutic, meditative or dynamic. In that respect swimming seems to echo the needs of our time.

Now that swimming pools are opening again after the Covid-19 lockdowns, swimming is experiencing a revival with an increase in the number of swimmers and the development of new activities, such as open water swimming, swim run etc. The act of swimming and the feeling of freedom it provides, seems to correspond to the needs and desires of our time. Decathlon contacted Méthos to understand these changes and support the development of the Nabaiji brand worldwide.
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Youth Civic Engagement

Some claim that young people do not engage themselves anymore in social issues. This statement doesn’t hold. Through two studies and a participation project, Méthos demonstrates youth civic engagement is alive and kicking.

How do young people engage in social issues today? Which mechanisms are at play and how can we best stimulate them? Commissioned by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, and the international NGO Plan International Belgium, Méthos delved into the broad topic of youth engagement.
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An Alliance for Renovation

Energy-efficient renovation is a challenge that requires the mobilization of a multitude of actors, all with different backgrounds, professional skills and ways of working. Through the creation of a private-public alliance, we help them to work as one team.

Create a thriving collaboration between public administrations and private actors in order to achieve the energy-efficient renovation objectives for the Brussels-Capital Region: a project about stakeholder management and collective intelligence.

Participation in co-housing projects

An overview of best practices and the most effective ways of applying participatory methods to housing projects. What does participatory design involve? Why involve tenants in it? What strategies and tools work best? A study for the King Baudouin Foundation.

With a view to disseminating co-design philosophy, the King Baudouin Foundation asked Méthos to map out best practices and methods to foster participation in designing or renovating buildings.

Children's rights

Involving children from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles in preparing policy on their rights, with debates and artistic workshops.

A participatory journey with over 100 children from the French-speaking Belgian Community, to prepare policy on their rights. We spent a year in workshops, creating, debating and feeling moved.
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The liberated company

There is a lot of theory about liberated companies, but not many liberated companies as such. Most of the process is still unexplored. Méthos worked with an SNCF subsidiary on its journey to this new organisational model.

The liberation of companies has often been theorised but rarely been put into practice, so little is known about the actual process as yet. Méthos worked with an SNCF subsidiary (French Rail) on its journey to this new organisational model.