We are fervent
observers of our time

Méthos is a research & innovation consultancy.

We apply ethnography & collective intelligence to help organisations understand what matters to people and drive future-proof development.

Clients work with us to (re)connect with the world around them.

Recent projects

Children's rights

Involving children from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles in preparing policy on their rights, with debates and artistic workshops.

A participatory journey with over 100 children from the French-speaking Belgian Community, to prepare policy on their rights. We spent a year in workshops, creating, debating and feeling moved.
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Energy-efficient housing

The standards for energy-efficient buildings are reshaping the way people live in them. The question, then, is how to factor people into the way new-generation buildings are designed and managed.

Energy-efficient homes are changing people’s lifestyles. On this project, Méthos worked with dwellers, housing organisations and authorities to integrate the human dimension more effectively in new construction standards.
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Bruxelles Environnement

Participation in co-housing projects

An overview of best practices and the most effective ways of applying participatory methods to housing projects. What does participatory design involve? Why involve tenants in it? What strategies and tools work best? A study for the King Baudouin Foundation.

With a view to disseminating co-design philosophy, the King Baudouin Foundation asked Méthos to map out best practices and methods to foster participation in designing or renovating buildings.

What we believe in


We have been observing human nature in all its complexity, documenting what makes us different or what makes us connect, for over 10 years.

At Méthos, researchers are in-the-world as Heidegger put it, because we believe that the best way to understand the transformations unfolding around us is to lean in as close as possible and experience them from within.


Beyond numbers

Data alone, big or otherwise, are not enough. By itself, they do not point to the right decisions. We believe in looking past the random component in human behaviour and dive into emotions, fixations and deep-seated needs.


Co-creating solutions

We design projects together with our clients and stakeholders because we know that involving them will create a genuine impact and keep the results real and tangible.  

We use collective intelligence and design-thinking methods to collectively craft artefacts, films, books, prototypes and narratives that trigger change.


We have been building expertise across various fields and in several regions of the world.